Pekić Law Office participated in the 1st Think Tank of the Belt and Road Institute

Pekić Law Office participated in the 1st Think Tank of the Belt and Road Institute

Attorney at law Stefan Pekić represented the Pekić law office at the first Think tank of the newly established Belt and Road Institute in Serbia. The Think tank was held on February 18, 2022. in the Palace of Serbia on the topic "Sustainability of a joint future". Panelists from three continents presented their views on the impact of the Belt and road program on Asian, African and European countries. Some Chinese companies operating in Serbia, such as Linglong Tire from Zrenjanin, Serbia's Zijin Copper and Serbia's Zijin Mining from Bor, also shared their success stories.

The Belt and Road Institute was recently established in Serbia in order to connect all interested parties who are in any way involved in the Belt and Road program, the development of that program, but also to work on the local and regional level in order to implement the Belt and Road program.

It is not common knowledge in the Serbian public what is the importance of these companies for the Serbian economy. The work of the companies Zijin Copper and Zijin Mining represents 1% of the gross domestic product in Serbia, and only since 2018, Zijin Copper has paid 200 million dollars in taxes to the Republic of Serbia and 370 million in contributions to the social security programs.

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Such success stories should be nurtured and everyone should be proactive in improving the economic climate.

Author: attorney at law Stefan Pekić / [email protected]



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