Entrepreneurship Networking Cocktail entitled "Business Growth Challenges"

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On 23.02.2022. networking event for entrepreneurs titled "Challenges of business growth" was held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vojvodina in the organization of the "I, an entrepreneur" club and its founder Djordje Petrovic. Panelists Branimir Gajic, founder and CEO of Infostud, and Sasa Popovic, founder and CEO of Vega IT, presented their businesses and especially the challenges they have faced during their long and successful entrepreneurial careers.

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Attorney at law Stefan Pekic attended the event, on behalf of the Pekic Law Office, and asked the panelists for their opinion and work on the blockchain network, especially concerning smart contracts. Sasa Popovic pointed out that Vega IT worked on the development of products and tools on the blockchain network for foreign companies, which is why they have experience in that domain. Branimir Gajic pointed out that, in the medium term, his companies have a plan to implement smart contracts in their e commerce platforms.

Attorney at Law Stefan Pekić

As one of the largest local companies in their industries, it is important that Vega IT and Infostud recognize the importance of blockchain, web3, smart contracts, and digital assets in general.

Law Office Pekic recognizes the global and local potential of blockchain and smart contracts, which is why it is focused on providing legal assistance to innovative companies and startups.

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Аuthor: Attorney at law Stefan Pekic / [email protected]

Advokat Stefan Pekic


Attorney at Law Stefan Pekić

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