Potrošači u kupovini, kreditne kartice

You read that right, no more long queues at the counters.

The director of the Agency for Business Registers ("APR") is 04/03/2023. informed the public that from 17.05.2023. opening of companies will be possible exclusively through the electronic database of APR. This means that if from Wednesday, 17.05.2023 you show up at the APR building with a printed form for opening a company, you will be sent back, with the explanation that applying for opening a company in Serbia is now only possible electronically.

Electronic submission of an application for company formation in Serbia is not an absolute novelty. Until now, it was possible to establish a sole proprietorship or a one-member company with limited liability ("LLC") in this way. However, it will now be mandatory to establish a company electronically.

The application for company formation in Serbia will be submitted exclusively through the electronic database of the APR. Application to the electronic database is possible through a username and password, and, from 17.05.2023. year, exclusively through the eID application for electronic identification ("eID"). In order to have an account in this Application at all, you need to obtain a qualified electronic certificate ("electronic certificate"). By registering on the electronic portal APR, it is necessary to choose which legal form you want to establish (partnership, limited partnership, LLC, or joint-stock company).

By choosing the legal form, you proceed to the next step, that step consists in submitting the data that were otherwise an integral part of the application for the opening of the company (data on the applicant, business name of the company, headquarters, activity, members, shares, share capital, director, tax regime, VAT, etc.).

By inputting all the data, you need to submit the necessary documentation with the application for company formation in Serbia. All documents that are attached must be electronically signed by the applicant (in case it is a lawyer, he must electronically sign each document that is attached).

After filling out the application for the establishment of a company in Serbia and uploading all the attachments, the payment for the APR services is made. This step is also done through the electronic portal of the APR and is done through a MasterCard or Visa card.

The ultimate goal of the APR is complete digitization of the APR. In this way, congestion in the APR will undoubtedly be reduced, because a large number of applications for the opening of a company in Serbia will now be mandatory through the electronic portal of the APR.

If you need help with the electronic establishment of a company, write to us at [email protected] or via Linkedin.

Advokat Stefan Pekic


Attorney at Law Stefan Pekić

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