Business Stories Conference

Business Stories Conference

Attorney at Law Stefan Pekić represented Law Office Pekić at the first "Business Stories" Conference, which took place on April 5th and 6th, 2023, at the Master Congress Center in Novi Sad, Serbia. "Business stories" are the most-watched business podcast in the region and thanks to its host and creator, Vladimir Stanković, a new episode with successful business stories, secrets, and strategies is available every week. Serbia has produced some business conferences so far, but the popularity of podcast Business Stories and Vladimir Stanković contributed to make this conference the most popular in Serbia and region.

The conference gathered over 600 entrepreneurs and great speakers such as Nemanja Antić, Vladimir Đukanović, Miško Ražnatović, Dragan Vojvodić Sendler, Miša Lukić, Luka Trikić, and many others. Twenty speakers shared the story of their beginnings, strategies for business development, challenges they faced, and ways to overcome them. The subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the challenges that AI brings, as well as the application of AI in various industries, was a well- represented topic.

The importance of the conference is also highlighted by its sponsors and friends who supported the organization: Payoneer, Jack Daniel's, Wine Atelier Šapat Winery, Pupin Hotel, and many others. The founder of "Business Stories", Vladimir Stanković, brilliantly organized the entire event, as well as the networking of participants and speakers.



Advokat Stefan Pekić